The Canadian Centre for Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (cc4ms) is a not for profit organization founded in 2012.


  • to be a centre for excellence in the treatment of adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse focused on providing treatment for adult male survivors, networking in the communities with other agencies providing mens’ services, providing public and professional education and conducting research on best practices in healing.


  • respect for individuals and families
  • collaborative practice
  • trauma informed practice
  • evidence informed care
  • minimal adminstrative overhead

Services & Organizational Activities

  • therapy
    • process- clients contact the clinical director (therapy@cc4ms.ca or 403-542-4529) to discuss their treatment goals and preferences and are matched with one of our therapists who have specialized in working with male survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Generally clients can commence treatment within 1-2 weeks. It is not recommended that therapy start if clients are in acute distress- these clients are best to work with the local distress centre, go to Emergency or acute mental health services. The work with our clients is typically longer term (15-30 sessions) and is most effective when clients are not in distress/crisis.
    • costs- We have contracted reduced rates for our clients (typically $140/hr with sessions approximately every 2 weeks).  When funding permits we are sometimes able to further subsidize clients on reduced incomes – if funds are unavailable potential clients are referred to other agencies who also see male survivors or they may choose to be placed on a waiting list for our therapists until subsidies are available.
  • education
    • members of the Board are available to provide outreach education to agencies or groups related to adult male survivors of childhood sexual abuse
    • a professional development workshop (Bringing Healing) is held approximately every year for professionals working with male survivors to discuss research, best practices and opportunities for collaboration
  • research & quality improvement
    • data collection- clients are given initial assessments online for their symptoms and quality of life. These are repeated at the end of treatment to determine effectiveness. Effectiveness of sessions are also assessed during treatment by therapists. These data are used to help determine the best practices and provide a strong evidence base for our therapy.
  • fundraising
    • 2-3 times a year we hold leadership luncheons (formerly called “magnificent men leadership luncheons”) in which we ask men who are leaders in the community to discuss leadership and how they managed adversity or challenges in their lives. Funds are used to directly support male survivors who cannot afford treatment and service provision.
    • grant applications – we actively seek opportunities to raise funds to support male survivors who cannot pay for their services. These include community grants and research funding.
    • donations- a link is available on our events page to directly donate to cc4ms and aid male survivors.
  • networking
    • cc4ms actively seeks opportunities to collaborate and network with other agencies who also support male survivors and/or their families. These collaborations improve clients’ access to services, and provide strengthened opportunities for evidence informed practice. If interested in becoming part of the network, please contact the Board Chair or Treatment Advisory Chair on our contact page.

Charitable Information

Incorporated on May 22, 2012.